The most memorable dessert: Chez Dré

To mark my first post in the blogging world, I want to dedicate this to my most favourite city in the world at the moment (let’s hope it stays like that haha). Despite the moody weather and the living cost which shocked me to the death when I first came here, I like the city very much. Yep, it’s Melbourne.

In the middle of contemplating on which cafe or restaurant I should review, since Melbourne has so many great ones (yay to that!), a thought came to mind, “the most memorable dessert I ever had”. I love dessert so much. It is the most anticipated course whenever I go out to eat. I am a sucker for anything sweet, especially chocolate!

Okay, enough blabbering. So, the cafe that will be featured in this post is Chez Dré. It is a quite big cafe at South Melbourne which serves brunch, coffee, and dessert. It was a little hard for me and my friend to find the cafe because it is hidden away in a narrow lane just off the South Melbourne Market. I was surprised when we got a seat with only around 5 minutes of wait time as some of my friends, who recommended me this cafe, told me that it could take a while to get a seat. Well, it was probably because we came pretty late in the afternoon. We only went to have dessert there, because we have already had brunch at Manchester Press which was pretty satisfying. Anyway, the ambiance of the cafe was great. At the entrance, there are some flowers arranged neatly. And they also have outdoor setting at the back which was really pretty. Unfortunately, we were not seated there. We got a seat just beside the kitchen which was strangely really quiet as I was expecting a noisy kitchen just like the one on TV (bad influence from TV shows haha).

Finally, my friend decided to get the Green Tea, Mango, and Black Sesame. Meanwhile, I had my eye on the Chocolate Tart because the description sounded really appealing. In no time, the waiter came back with our orders and I was simply wowed

Chocolate Tart: $8.5

I most definitely did not expect this when I ordered the tart. I was expecting an ordinary triangular-like-shape-slice chocolate tart. I was excited at the look of it, I mean, look at the gloss on the chocolate ganache! I still remember how it tasted although it was 5 months ago. Under that shiny ganache was a super smooth chocolate mousse on the first layer, then peanut-cocoa nib tuile which was crunchy. However, it is not as perfect as it looks. The base was quite thick that it was so hard to cut right through it. But, I think the taste of the rich chocolate filling made me forgive the thick base.

My friend’s green tea was quite nice too. Unfortunately, I did not have the photo of it 😦 But you can just google it if you are curious, because it looks cute. So, the shape of this dessert was like a swiss roll cake. The outer layer was the green tea mousse. Inside, there are 4 layers. The first layer is a small square of chocolate mousse, followed by a mango jelly, black sesame brulee, and another chocolate mousse to finish. The mousse was smooth and the mango jelly was refreshing. But, I am not a fan of this dessert as almost all the component was soft. I think, it needs a little bit more crunch to it.

The people on the table beside us ordered some massive-portion savoury dishes which looked really yummy. So, I will definitely be back to Chez Dré soon to try the savoury dishes and more of the dessert! All the dessert, except for the macarons, were priced at $8.5. Quite a reasonable price for a decent ones. Overall, I will rate this cafe 4.5/5.

I know this post still lacks so much, like the picture of the cafe and the diveristy of the menu. But, please bear with me and do leave feedback! I would love to hear on what you think of my blog.

I should probably get back into studying for my test next week. Hmm maybe after a couple hours of catching up on tv series haha.

See you on my next post!


wandereatntell’s rating: 4.5/5

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  2. great blog. are you a uni student? there’s heaps of cheap eats in the city like darc, seoul metro etc

    1. nathaliejc says:

      thanks! yours too. yea, where are you from? Yea, been wanting to try darac. Maybe soon

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