Simple but a goodie: Roule Galette

Hey readers,

I’m back! Finally after a while. And my resolution this year is to post regularly, hope that I can live up to that.

Last weekend my friends and I were just wandering at the city after lunch. We actually had nothing to do, but we didn’t want to go home because we didn’t want to face reality that uni had started and we got a lot of things to do.

So, we decided to have some desserts, because there is always a room for one! Because we had quite a big lunch, we want something small and not too overly sweet. We went to this cute little French Creperie place called Roule Gallete in Flinders Lane. They have sweet and savoury crepes and a few other desserts. But, of course we tried the crepe.

Nutella Crepe – $5

I had the nutella crepe. It was really good. The crepe was thin and soft, just like what a crepe should be. I personally don’t like a crispy crepe which just creates a mess when you eat it. The warm and runny nutella just complement it so well.

This cafe is recommended if you want to have something simple. I will definitely come back here more often!

See you soon,


wandereatntell’s rating: 4/5

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