Thai with Style: Boon Cafe at Jarern Chai Grocery (Chat Thai Group)

Hang on… Before you judge the title of this post, let me explain it to you. I don’t mean that other Thai restaurants do not look good, but this one is just different. I bet it will catch every eyes that walk pass this street. Boon Cafe is a Thai Fusion Cafe inside a Thai grocery store called Jarern Chai. It is located at Pitt St between Goulburn and Campbell St, which I think is the unofficial Thaitown of Sydney.

Boon Cafe at Jarern Chai Grocery

As you can see, the interior of this cafe/grocery is very modern; and it is very well lit too! We spotted Boon Cafe on our journey to the library, but we were too full that day and needed to rush to the library, so we decided to have lunch there on the following day. It was a bit of a hardwork to find this cafe, as we could neither remember the name nor the street name (excuse my stupidity). However, since I remembered where it was located roughly and the fact that I am quite good with geographic location (self-proclaimed and proud), we finally made it in!

We wanted quick lunch, so rather than spending a long time on contemplating, staring at photos on zomato and instagram (we still did that tho, after we picked the dishes), best solution was to ask the waitress that classic restaurant question of “what’s the favourite dish here?” The waitress pointed out some dishes and my friend picked the noodle dish since she felt like having noodles.

Boon Noodle with Centruy Egg, Minced Chicken and Basil – $15


Good combination, but it was a bit salty. Portion was very small for the price of $15.

I already had a super healthy salad lunch at home, so I opted for the pandan toast. The bread was toasted well, crunchy on the outside, but still quite soft in the middle. And the pandan custard was delish and not too milky. This type of dish can almost never go wrong, I mean, pandan just makes everything better doesn’t it?


Toast with Pandan Custard – $4

My recent research on this cafe shows that it is actually owned by the Chat Thai Group and it is known for the Thai sandwiches. I will definitely be back to try some of those, although , I should say, the service was pretty average as the waitress did not stand by on our area, it was hard for us to make a request.


Date of visit: 07 June 2015

wandereatntell’s rating (explanation can be found here):

Food: 7/10   Service: 3/5   Ambiance: 3.5/5

Overall: 13.5/20 (Solid and satisfactory)


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isaac says:

    Super keen to visit this place for all the pandan conctions.

    1. You should! Haven’t got a chance to go back to try the pandan gelato bun

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