wandereatntell Rating System (credit to Good Food Australia)

I always think that restaurant/cafe rating system can be a bit harsh sometimes. So, in this post I would like to explain how I rate my reviews.


I used to follow Zomato’s/Urbanspoon rating system which is having 5 as the highest and sole score for the food and dining experience. However, I feel like it doesn’t convey a great depth of details.


So, I did some research and found a system that will not only rate the food, but the whole dining experience. It is a system used by Good Food Australia which you can find here, but I tweaked it a bit to suit wandereatntell better. The total points is 20, but instead of having 4 categories, I choose to have just 3 which are food (10 points max), service (5 points max), and ambience (5 points max).

Explanation of the points


1 to 4 – Terrible! Something that I will never come back for, and maybe put up for complaint purpose (highly unlikely tho)

5   – Below average, but not terrible. Obviously a lot of room to improve.

6   – An ok dish, I would have it occassionally.

7   – Good dish, there’s some room to improve. But I still enjoy it.

8   – Great dish, but can be tweaked a little to be perfecto (I know I’m being fussy and ask for too much)

9   – Perfect taste and hard to fault.

10 – Superb, amazing, something that I will remember for the rest of my life!


1 – Terrible service/ambience. Wouldn’t come back, unless I have no other choice (again, highly unlikely, and if you see this, it’s for complaint purpose)

2 – Below average. There are only three reasons why I would still be eating at this place: cheap, fast, or great food.

3 – Just ok, but still acceptable.

4 – Great! All the things you expect from a restaurant/cafe.

5 – Exceptional! More than what I expect and couldn’t ask for more.

Overall (quoted from Good Food Australia Scoring System)

12 – Reasonable
13 – Solid and satisfactory
14 – Good
15 – Very good
16 – Seriously good
17 – Great
18 – Excellent
19 – Outstanding
20 – The best of the best

Hopefully this post will clear some judgements. Keep in mind that my rating might varies from each visit. Ultimately, rating is based on personal taste, so, everyone will have and are allowed to different opinions right! And if you still feel like I am not fair or have something to ask, just post a comment and I’d be more than happy to clarify 🙂

xx Nathalie

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