Talk of the Town: The Local Mbassy

Just like fashion, food/cafe also have its own trend. Currently in Sydney, it would be the red velvet pancake by The Local Mbassy. It has been featured on many websites like BuzzfeedThe Urbanlist SydneyGood Food, etc. Not to mention the amount of posts, featuring this two-months-old cafe, that I saw on instagram every day. It has officially became the talk of town.

Around two weeks ago, my friend and I decided to join the hype and paid a visit to this cafe that serve the famous Campos Coffee. It is located at the corner of Wattle and William Henry St in Ultimo. You wouldn’t miss it, as it is pretty much the only cafe in front of Wentworth Park. With the exposed beam and unique furnitures, this cafe has a very industrial feeling. But the most eye-catching aspect would be the mural on the wall just by the entrance of the cafe.



As we entered the place, we were greeted by the friendly owner who throughout our meal, kept checking on us and made sure we enjoyed our time there. Same went to the floor staffs. Kudos for the excellent service.



Smoked Salmon & Rocket Bruschetta – $11

Since we’re going to share the red velvet pancake, I opted for a light option. What is that pink drizzle you ask? (That was mine too). It turned out to be the cream cheese. This dish does not only pop with colours, but also with flavour from the balsamic glaze, spanish onion, and capers. I love this dish, even though it is quite simple. But you know what they say, best dish is usually simple dish done perfectly.

Double Baked Wagyu Beef Burger with Chips – $16

Served on a knife-shape board, this dish is priced at $16 which I think is really value for money. The portion is so massive, guys, afraid not, you will be full, I guarantee. Nothing special with the buns, I wish they were a fluffy and moist brioche. The patty is juicy and cooked well, however the flavour inside is just average. Chips are great. So overall, it’s just an ok dish.



Red Velvet Pancake – $15.50

To be honest, I heard mix reviews on this famous pancake. Some said it’s pretty ordinary, but some love and praise it. But, I’m sure we all agree that the plating is beautiful and a joy just to look at it. I finished my entree in an instant as I couldn’t wait to dig into this pancake. And I like it! It’s not too sweet and very fluffy and moist. The berries and coulis help to cut the richness. I wish I could have this dish on my own. Well, just another reason for me to go back!

It’s a great photo spot! Believe me 😉

Based on the food and experience that I had, I would definitely go back to the Local Mbassy. I think I’d be a regular here on Sunday as it is just a stone throw away from the church that I go. Can’t wait for my next visit!

Date of visit: 01 August 2015

wandereatntell’s rating (explanation can be found here):

Food: 8/10   Service: 5/5   Ambiance: 4/5

Overall: 17/20 (Outstanding)

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