Top 5 Places to Chill: South Bali

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I went to Bali last September for a short getaway. For me, it was quite an impulse trip as it only took us around a month from deciding and planning the whole trip. But, it was definitely a much needed break and a short reunion for us.

On those 4 days and 3 nights, the three of us went to quite a number of places. I will summarise my experience and recommend the top 5 places to chill in Bali:

1. El Kabron Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club (Pecatu)


IMG_6370 copy

IMG_6378 copy

Finding this place was quite hard. Upon arriving, you will have to pay IDR 300,000 for a entrance ticket that can be used for your food and beverage as well. Quite expensive, but I think it is worth the view and facilities that it offers.

Tips: It’s super hot in the afternoon, but I’m telling you it’s very hot. You can also come here to watch the sunset, I bet it’s amazing.

2.  Potato Head Beach Club (Seminyak)



IMG_8149 copy


This place surely has a very unique design. There’s no entrance fee, except you have to make a purchase of a certain amount to be able to sit on the cabana. But they are always filled up most of the time. If they are, or you want to avoid the sun, you can always sit at the restaurant which does not have any minimum purchase.

Deciding to go to the pool after your meal? No worries. You are welcomed to bring the drinks you ordered and enjoy them in the pool. But for those served in glasses, you have to request for plastic cups instead.

3.  Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa



A beautiful spot for sunset, located at Ayana Resort and Spa. They are opened from late afternoon. You have to go down by the steps or lift provided by the resort to be able to arrive at the place. Again, there’s a minimum purchase if you want to sit on the edge on the comfy couch. You will be provided with an umbrella to cover you from the sun.

Tips: Arrive early to get a good spot to watch the sunset.

4.  Karma Spa at Karma Kandara Resorts (Ungasan)


IMG_7837 copy

Ocean, spa, and gorgeous sunset if you made it in time. What more could you ask for?

Tips: If you want to enjoy the view from the Himalayan Crystal Salt Pool, check their spa menu or give them a ring, because not all spa menus will include this option.

5.  Motel Mexicola (Seminyak)



IMG_8062 copy



Sick of the sea (I don’t think you would tho) and want a change of scenery? You can relax at Motel Mexicola which, as the name suggests, offers Mexican food and drinks and a great one at that.

I am constantly day dreaming about this tropical island and hoping to go back this year (fingers crossed). For those of you who are planning to go to Bali, here’s my top 3 tips:

  1. Travel on off-peak season

This is probably a general knowledge, but this is very important! You would not enjoy Bali as much with thousands of people around you. Especially it will include some people who only care about themselves.

Also, avoid December and January as it tends to rain a lot and flood in a few spots in Bali.

   2.   Hire a driver

Finding a place in Bali, Indonesia in general, is quite tricky. Rather than wasting time or possibly spending a lot of money for taxi, you should hire a driver. I used The Bali Driver and recommend their service. My driver was Pak Made, he was a good driver and very kind but maybe lacking a bit in his english.

   3.  Travel with locals or at least Indonesians

This will smoothen the whole trip. Not only they can break the language barrier, you can get a cheaper price for goods, service, or entrance ticket, as some places charge significantly higher price for foreigners.

For those of you who haven’t been to Bali, pack a bag and go now because it is just amazing and you’ll definitely have a good time there. If you have anything you want to ask, please do not hesitate to pop up a comment. And please let me know how amazing your Bali trip was!

(Note: Price are subjected to change)

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  1. ah! you just added a new place to my list of wanderlust woes!!

    1. Glad I did, because Bali is just amazing!

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