Go Greek: Grk Mascot

I have always been quite an adventurous eater, I think, and one of resolutions is to eat a wider variety of cuisines this year. So, I was stoked when we decided to try Grk before our Australia Day trip. That also means a few of my resolutions have been ticked off the list, what a great start to the year, I thought to myself.

Located on King St, this place is very easy to spot. Just look for the most monochrome place along the street. This small restaurant blasts with music that is too loud, in my opinion. But apart from that, our experience was nothing but positive. Staffs were friendly and service was quick.

Upon deciding on what to have, we were advised by one of the staffs about the difference between gyro and souvlaki. The only different thing turns out to be the meat. Gyro is the meat that is cooked slowly on the rotisserie, so it will be served in thin slices. Did some research on the internet, and found out that “gyro” in greek means going around, so it  just makes sense why the rotisserie keeps rotating. On the other hand, souvlaki is chunks of meat that is skewered and grilled. Both dishes comes with onion, tomatoes, chips, and tzatziki which is a yoghurt dipping sauce. The choice is up to us whether we want the dish to be served as a pita, which is a wrap, or on a plate which is kinda like a deconstructed pita. An additional choice with souvlaki is you can have the skewer by itself. We decided to have two plates of chicken gyro and pork souvlaki.


Pork Souvlaki
Chicken Gyro


Once the dishes were put on our table, we knew we made a mistake by ordering too much. We looked like we were former vegans who went wild on the idea of eating meat for the first time (LOL).

The meat on both dishes were cooked and seasoned well, but I prefer gyro as it comes in thin slices which makes it a bit easier to eat. I have to point out that the chips have different texture than normal chips, but in a good way. The tzatziki is very light and refreshing which really helps in blending everything together.

Different to a few other places I have been, Grk serves an authentic Greek souvlaki and gyro. So, if you want to try some authentic Greek food that does not break the bank, definitely should come here.

Date of visit: 26 January 2016

wandereatntell’s rating (explanation can be found here):

Food: 7/10   Service: 3/5   Ambiance: 3/5

Overall: 13/20 (Solid and satisfactory)

GRK Souvlaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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