Bacon Galore: Cuckoo Callay

Cuckoo Callay is one of my favourite cafes in Sydney as they are very creative in their menu and they deliver great dishes. For the Bacon Festival this year, Cuckoo Callay is offering quite a few selections of bacon dishes on their menu since the beginning of March to satisfy you all piggies. Worry not, those dishes will stay on their menu until end of May 2016, so you have plenty of time to try them!


RECOMMENDED: Cherry Good Belly

Hands down, all of us agreed that this was the this of day. It’s glazed twice cooked pork belly, on a bed of bacon potato rosti, with sour cherry sauce and chargrilled brocollini. The meat is tender and the skin is as crispy as it can be. Same goes to the potato rosti. However, the sauce might not be for everyone’s palate as it is on the sweet side. But, I think it actually complements the pork very well.


Pig Deal Fritter

The fritter is made of double smoked bacon, feta, and zucchini fritters. There’s an option to substitute the bacon for a haloumi. The fritter is topped with tomato jam. On the side, there is jalapeño avocado corn salsa and a 63 degree poached egg. Those three tiny fritters might look overcooked and tough, but this is when the phrase “don’t judge book by its cover” proves to be right. They are actually slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And I just love the use of jalapeño in the avocado corn salsa as it gives a kick while not overpowering the overall flavour of the salsa. I actually quite like the simplicity of this dish, but a few of my friends think otherwise.

ReSPECK Burger

No, it’s not all about pork (bad news for some of you). This one is a popcorn chicken burger with speck, Gruyere cheese and sauerkraut on brioche with pickles on the side. But this dish unfortunately doesn’t deliver. Despite having a crispy batter, the chicken is quite dry and the overall flavour of the dish is pretty average.


If you think there’s nothing better than crispy, golden brown, deep fried chips, you are wrong. It would be chips that topped with bacon and mac’n’cheese. It tastes so good, but it feels so wrong. This is one of those guilty pleasure dishes that you just can’t stop eating and you are full with regret afterwards.

Words of advise for bacon lovers: you definitely need to drag your ass down here, because it will be a sin not to try their bacon galore dishes.

Date of visit: 19 March 2016

wandereatntell’s rating (explanation can be found here):

Food: 8/10   Service: 4/5   Ambiance: 3/5

Overall: 15/20 (Very Good)
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